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Go ahead and contact us for a FREE quote! We'll reply back as soon as possible with more details. Unfortunately, Off this Earth Aerial currently operates only in the Greater Ottawa area. If you would like us to work outside of this area, please contact us anyway and we will try to arrange something.

How this works:

After you contact us, we will review your proposal. If we deem your idea feasible, we will contact you with details. We would ask you to please be at the filming location with us in order to show us exactly what you would like us to do. After we have completed the video, we will show it to you. Only if you are satisfied with the video will you be charged. Our post-production experts can edit the video for you, at an extra fee ($45/hour), depending on the length of the video. Extra fees are also charged for flight over water, complicated flight, group photos or 'dronies', locations out of the Ottawa-Gatineau area, and other special requirements. We have different tariffs depending on if this is for commercial or non-commercial use.

You should know:

Off this Earth Aerial does not operate within 9km of ANY airport or heliport, or over densly populated areas such as sporting events or downtown. Off this Earth Aerial must also follow any municipal, provincial, or federal laws pertaining to UAV flight. Off this Earth Aerial also reserves the right to any of the pictures taken by OTEA, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise. Any flight over private property must be authorized by the owner of that property. Our flight technology produces zero emissions, in order to try to save our planet.